London Fashion Week: Topshop

London Fashion Week would never be the same without the unique multinational fashion retailer, Topshop. The Spring 2018 ready-to-wear collection was inspired by Soho in the 90s. The brand is one of many that started to incorporate instant fashion on their runways. You can purchase an edit of the outfits from London Fashion Week on its website. Topshop aims to appeal to the everyday person. I believe that this collection succeeded in grabbing the attention of an every-day individual. This catwalk included pieces that can be worn all year round for as low as $55. The most expensive pieces on the runway cost $330.

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This years runway included feathers, metallic, faux fur, and more.  The colors used in this collection were different shades of pink, gold, white, tourqouise, and green. It also included beautiful embroidered tops and dresses. The majority of fabrics used for this collection were satin, denim, knit, wool, faux fur, and faux leather.

Topshop is a unique brand that likes to play with different fabrics and trends. For this runway, they wanted to dress the models in what they call “night to day” outfits. Typically, outfits that you would wear to an evening event, can be worn during the day- with the right accessories.

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Many of the pieces on the runway focused on the bust area with tailored bustier support, bodice darting, and low necklines. The collection also featured flowy dresses and shirts, perfect for Spring. A lot of pieces from this Spring 2018 collection included sporty elements, such as trendy matching tracksuits. While other designs from this collection are more appropriate for Fall, with the use of long sleeves, higher necklines, coats, and fabrics such as wool.

The catwalk finale included the models in jeans and t-shirts with Soho landmarks and their names graffitied on them.

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“I think it’s cool that London Fashion Week is about young designers trying wacky things.” – Alexa Chung

2 thoughts on “London Fashion Week: Topshop

  1. I loved that TopShop had a focus on “night to day” pieces! We definitely saw that with the Tom Ford show too, so it’s fun to see the trend evolving across brands. I also love that Top Shop pieces are actually affordable, and give consumers an opportunity to play around with trendy personal style without burning through their wallet on one expensive trendy piece. I also loved seeing the tracksuits. I also saw these in the Tom Ford and Tory Burch shows. They remind me of the 90s Juicy tracksuits, but with a much needed update! There was a lot of faux fur and metallic in some of the other shows as well.

  2. Topshop is one of my favorite brands to shop because it is always up to date on trends and the price points are very reasonable. I like how they incorporated their show with their online store so people could easily buy the items from the show. They are adapting to the new age of technology where people can buy items instantly after a show.

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