Skincare: My Favorite Chanel Beauty Products & Current Routine

As many of you may or may not know (IG followers would know), I got a summer internship at Chanel Corporate headquarters in New York City and I am working with the Fragrance and Beauty Department (F&B). Since I’ve been working at Chanel this summer, I thought I would share my favorite skincare products from the luxury brand. Chanel skincare does tend to have a scent, so if you do not like your skincare to have a smell/fragrance, maybe it is not the best match for you.

My Skin Type: Obviously, not ALL products work for everyone. I will be sharing the Chanel products that work for me. I have sensitive/dry skin, so I always reach for products that are super moisturizing/hydrating. My favorite skincare lines from Chanel are Hydra Beauty, Le Blanc, and Le Lift. I do not use all these products as a daily skincare routine, but I do incorporate them in my overall routine. Sometimes my skin feels more dry than others, that’s when I tend to put more products on my face to give it a boost of hydration. While working at Chanel, I was given a few products that I loved and I also bought new stuff to try out.


  • Le Lift Creme Yeux (eye cream)
  • Le Lift Serum
  • Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence
  • Le Blanc Brightening Cream
  • Le Blanc L’Extrait




My Daily Routine: Every morning I use the Chanel Le Blanc Moisturizing Cream TXC and the Farsali Unicorn Essence as a primer before I apply my makeup to help keep my face hydrated. Every night, I use the Christian Dior Dream Skin Capture Totale and Le Blanc Moisturizing Cream TXC again. I sometimes forget to do all these steps, but this is my daily skincare routine I aim for. I always do at least 2 or 3 of these steps.

My Weekly Routine: Every couple of days I use the Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence. At night, I use the Chanel Le Blanc L’Extrait, along with the Le Lift Creme Yeux. I also use the Le Lift Serum every few days (whenever I remember to). I use the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask when my lips are really dry (which is almost always). Whenever my skin is feeling extra dry, I use the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

My Monthly Routine: I love a good mask every once in a while, I forget to do it most of the time, but I try to do an at-home mask treatment at LEAST once a month. I like to try out different masks, I do not have one that I use in particular. When I was just in Asia with my mom, I bought a set of activated charcoal masks to focus on clearing up my pores and that is what I have been using over the summer.

Every Few Months: About 3 or 4 times a year, I like to pamper myself and get a nice facial and massage. I normally do this while I am on a trip because I love to try different Spa’s and treatments around the globe.


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