My Thoughts: First Time Experiencing Acupuncture & Suction Cups

While I was in Asia, I knew I really wanted to go to a spa and try something new. While we were on the UniWorld Cruise, we finally had time to relax and go to the spa. I was so excited when I saw there was a doctor on board who specialized in Acupuncture because I always wanted to try it.Β Before the entire process began, I sat down with the doctor and explained to him where I was in pain, but did not really give him exact spots where I was in pain. He felt around the areas I told him (lower back, neck, left ankle) and within seconds he was able to point out the EXACT spots where the pain was…I was shooooook. I have never been to a doctor who was able to find out the exact spots of where I was in pain within seconds. The doctor also gave me medicine to help with my back and ankle pain.

With the acupuncture, they also included the suction cups which many athletes such as Michele Phelps does to help muscle pain and soreness. I have bad back and neck pain, so those were my areas of focus. At the time, my ankle was hurting me for a few months so I also wanted him to focus on that as well. The Acupuncture did not hurt at all, except for when he had to stick a needle in my calve muscle, I literally had to stay still for about 25-30 min to not feel any pain in that area. While I am laying there probably looking like a human porcupine, they told me to do some deep breathing to help. When they came back and took the needles out, they began to place the suction cups in the designated areas. Those were on for about 5 minutes. When they removed those, they told me to get up slowly and I immediately felt a difference. The suction cups left bruises in the areas for a couple of days. Overall, I loved it and would love to find a place I can do it again in Dallas.



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