Skincare: My Favorite Chanel Beauty Products & Current Routine

As many of you may or may not know (IG followers would know), I got a summer internship at Chanel Corporate headquarters in New York City and I am working with the Fragrance and Beauty Department (F&B). Since I’ve been working at Chanel this summer, I thought I would share my favorite skincare products from the luxury brand. Chanel skincare does tend to have a scent, so if you do not like your skincare to have a smell/fragrance, maybe it is not the best match for you.

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Obsessing Over Fenty Beauty

Rihanna recently launched her own beauty line, Fenty Beauty. I decided to buy some of the products to see if I liked it, because lets be honest, who doesn’t want the latest makeup- especially when it’s created by a celebrity like Rihanna. When I received the package, I wanted to test out the makeup right away. The packaging was also really pretty and simple. I bought … Continue reading Obsessing Over Fenty Beauty