IMG_4744My name is Alessandra “Ali” Quintero and I am a senior at Southern Methodist University. I am currently working towards my Bachelor of Arts Degree’s in Fashion Media and Journalism and double minoring in Ethics and Sociology.

As a freshman, I was invited to join SMU’s Rotunda Academic Scholars and remained a member until expected graduation in May, 2019. This program searched for in-coming students who had previous leadership roles in their communities. Through this program, I learned about the importance of leadership, service, and diversity. During my junior year, I joined Turning Point USA on campus and became Secretary of the club. While taking courses for my majors, I wrote articles for SMU Look, a student-run magazine. As a senior, I worked as a crew member of SMU-TV’s produced daily news show, The Daily Update, where I tried various positions including Director, Producer, Floor Director, Technical Director, Audio, Server, and Cameras. I also wrote at least two stories every week for the show. Additionally, I co-founded SMU Humans during my senior year, which has its own section within SMU Daily Campus’ website. I worked as a videographer for SMU Humans and produced multiple videos for the Instagram account. SMU Humans was created as a platform for students to share their stories and unique experiences. Over winter break during my senior year, I had the opportunity to shadow Executive Producers at Wink News in Fort Myers, Florida and Daily Flash TV in Miami, Florida.

Thank you for taking the time to view my page. For more information check out my resume, videos, or contact me.


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