Prada and the Arts

Prada and the Art of Patronage by Nicky Ryan, is an interesting article as it examines luxury brands and the arts, by using Prada’s support of “avant-garde” artists and architects. It goes on to explain that art, fashion, architecture, design and shopping all fit together to reach the goal of a cohesive look. The Prada Epicenter gave a different shopping experience to its customers by using technology. Luxury stores are often designed using minimalist decor, according to the article the main reason is to downplay the guilt people feel when purchasing expensive items. Prada tries to keep consistent with the decor of the stores: green walls and pink carpet.


Prada’s store expansion took an unexpected turn in the Fall of 2005, when the brand decided to purchase land in a desolate and unpopulated area in Valentine, Texas and called it “Marfa”. Although this seems strange, it attracts many celebrities and influencers, such as Beyonce. Individuals want to drive there, just to take pictures of the unique- and now iconic “store”. This is yet, another extension of Prada’s popular avant-garde brand. You have probably seen several pieces artwork inspired by the Prada Marfa store.


Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, had a well-established relationship with the arts through Fondazione Prada, the brands non-profit arts foundation in Milan, Italy. Miuccia Prada had a major impact on the brand when she took over in the 1990s. She used herself to market Prada and keep the image of luxury.

With every luxury brand, the name and logo is really what customers are paying for.  The logos provide a “brand of authenticity” which allows the merchandise to be sold at a higher price than its actual value. At the end of the day, its really just quality fabric and labor, just like other designer brands.

“We, as designers, have a job with so many possibilities and connections. We are connected to so many different portals, from art to movies to music to design. Fashion is always evolving. Actually, the field is huge. I don’t think there is another profession that is so open to so many possibilities.”- Miuccia Prada

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