The Copper Lounge 2.0

Albuquerque is one of the cities I visited over my winter break this year and I was not disappointed. It’s my boyfriends hometown, so he knows exactly where to take me…even if it just so happens that his parents own some of those places. His mom, Cindy Chalamidas, recently took over and remodeled her family’s restaurant and bar, The Copper Lounge. Petros and I have been dying to come check out the new and improved Copper Lounge, so it was one of our first stops. We even went twice in one day! When we went for lunch, we sat at the bar and had a great time trying the cocktails and talking to the bartender. The second time, we went with a friend and met up with Cindy and Tom (who has a few drinks named after him at CL) and we sat at a booth by the bar.

People are always hanging out in the lounge, which is decorated beautifully. The pictures I took, do not do it justice! They redid the ceiling in the lounge to match the original ceiling in the main bar area, but they decided to switch up the color. Almost everything was remodeled over the summer, including the seating area, the floor, the kitchen, the lounge, some of the bar area, the bathrooms, and more! If you have been to The Copper Lounge in the past, you should definitely check it out again.

The theme of The Copper Lounge is Art Deco and Prohibition era. It seriously feels like you walked into a Gatsby era bar. I would not write a post about it, if I didn’t actually LOVE it, but I do! It is so glamorous, and I like to think of myself as a glamorous girl. This is for sure, hands down, my new favorite spot in the Q. Not only is the decor amazing, the cocktails are tasty, the food is delicious, and there are plenty of photo-ops! What more could you ask for!?

You see one of the photo-ops with a pink LED sign that says “Shhh…” right when you walk in. It TOTALLY goes with the theme, if you know what I mean 😉 One of the other photo-ops is a brick wall outside The Copper Lounge that faces Route 66 and says “Vote Against Prohibition” another creative idea to match the theme.

One of the first things you notice when you arrive to The Copper Lounge is ‘The Boiler Room,’ the patio bar that offers shots and pints of beer. The Boiler Room has a separate bar from the main bar inside The Copper Lounge. It even has its own Instagram! (@theboilerroom_abq)

I love that The Copper Lounge has so many drinks to choose from specialty cocktails, to pints and shots. They have the perfect drink for everyone! My favorite cocktail was the secret “The Copper Cocktail,” it is not on the main drink menu but you can find it on the “Happy Hour” menu…it’s maybe my all time favorite drink. Petros and I literally wanted to try every single cocktail on the menu, but thats A LOT of drinks and we have our limits haha. The Copper Lounge has 20 beers on tap and 2 house made cocktails on tap, Fraola Spritz and Rose All Day.

Here is what we had…

Food: Copper Burger, Tacos, BBQ Wings, and House Fries- it was all so good!

Drinks (left to right): The Copper Cocktail, The Italian Stallion, Pontchartrain, Kentucky Ninja, Purple Rain, The Indian Army, Rosé All Day, The Tom Ford, Raspberry Tart, West Side (not pictured)

Check them out on Instagram (@TheCopperLounge) and Facebook (@TheCopperLounge) for photos of beautiful cocktails & unique decor!


Waking Up In Vegas!

Last weekend, I finally turned 21! I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with my family and best friends in Las Vegas. I had never been there before so I did not know what to expect. We stayed at The Cosmopolitan Hotel of Las Vegas and attended two shows, The Mentalist and Britney Spears, who I have loved ever since I was a little girl!

We arrived on Friday, October 27th and by the time we landed, we were so hungry. Thankfully, my friend got us reservations at Jaleo, which is now one of my favorite restaurants. After lunch, we went to Milk for dessert, got ready and headed out to see The Mentalist. I volunteered to go on stage and he actually picked me, which never happens to me. He was amazing! I told him it was my birthday and he ended up gifting me a USB with videos and his book on it. After the show, we went to Beauty and Essex for dinner. Everything this day ended up being inside our hotel, which was very convenient.

To the airport and lunch, I wore a Saks gray cashmere sweater, L’agence jeans with zippers on the side, off-white Chanel ballerina slippers, and my new Gucci purse, which was a birthday gift from my mom.

For The Mentalist and dinner, I wore a Hervé Léger dress, beige Valentino strappy heels, and my little black Chanel cross-body purse.

On Saturday, October 28th- my birthday, we went to brunch before going to the DryBar and getting out hair done. The salon in Vegas has a full bar inside- only in VEGAS! We walked around and then had lunch at Chica. Of course, I also had to gamble a little bit. In the evening, we went on a helicopter tour of the city. At night, we saw the Britney Spears’ show. I had so much fun! Since it was “halloweekend” a lot of her fans dressed up as Britney in her iconic music videos. During the day, I wore a navy bodysuit from Kittenish, L’agence jeans, my Gucci purse, and navy velvet Cole Haan sneakers, which were a birthday gift from my aunt.

At night, I wore a silver sequined dress from Express with silver Christian Dior heals and my black Chanel cross-body purse. Also, my mom bought be the cutest balloons and then accidentally popped the “2” for 21 😀

Sunday, October 30th was our last day in Vegas and I was so sad to leave. We woke up and had brunch at Whisk Spoon again, which was also inside the hotel. They had a huge buffet with delicious food. Some of us had different flights so we had to part ways. We finally had some time to walk around and enjoy the beautiful city. In the morning, I wore my L’agence jeans with a strapless top from Express, fuchsia Tory Burch flip flops and my Gucci bag. After 2 nights of wearing heels and doing so much walking, the only shoes I could wear were flip flops! For the airport, I changed into a Britney Spears t-shirt from the show and my pink Adidas slides.

One day, we drove by the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign where we saw people adding flowers and pictures of those who were shot during the horrible shooting that recently occurred in the city. I am so happy that I was finally able to visit Vegas, it was always one of my dreams to come for my 21st birthday.